Investors in the Northern Coast Strategic Fund own Secured Bonds registered with CDS (Canadian Depository for Securities), which are protected by a Bond Indenture that is overseen by Computershare Trust Co.

8.0% Series “A” Bond Highlights:

    • 8.0% annual interest
    • Interest paid monthly
    • 10-year term, with no-fee option to exit every year (*)
    • $1,000.00 per Bond
    • Minimum investment: 2 Bonds ($2,000.00)
    • Secured by assets (investors first, Fund second)
    • Offered under Offering Memorandum (ON: Accredited investors)
    • Eligible for all registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, LIF, etc.)

The Northern Coast Strategic Fund (“ NCSF ”) marries two compelling and growing needs in the Canadian economy today:

  • An ever-increasing demand by Canadian borrowers for more flexible and alternative mortgages; and
  • Investor demand for higher yields and less volatility in their portfolio.

The Canadian residential mortgage market offers borrowers few alternatives to the “A-Lenders”.  These A-Lenders, essentially the Big Banks and large insurance companies, can afford to limit their lending to borrowers that fit the traditional profile of a “safe” borrower: stable job, established employer, and simple balance sheet.

By offering Alternative Mortgages to borrowers who have good credit and solid balance sheets, NCSF enables investors to safely benefit from the opportunities created by filling the void in the marketplace with loans that generate a significant premium to traditional mortgages because they offer the flexibility required by a new generation of borrowers.

The current demand for alternative mortgages will only continue to grow in the coming years, and the Northern Coast Strategic Fund is the perfect vehicle for investors who want to benefit from this billion-dollar market.


Our promise to investors is to protect their capital as if it were our own.  That is why NCSF’s primary focus when providing alternative mortgages is strict underwriting and flawless loan administration.

NCSF is managed and administered by one of Canada’s leading boutique alternative mortgage providers with more than 20 years of lending experience.  Over the past 10 years, they have underwritten over $200 million in alternative mortgages while maintaining an industry-leading default rate of less than 1.0%.  Their attention to detail and rigorous risk assessment is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Regular income: monthly interest payments
  • Fixed terms, starting at only twelve months
  • Unsubordinated protection of assets (1st mortgage)
  • Protection from construction risk from experienced team of professionals
  • RRSP eligible (upon certain conditions)
  • Simple paperwork, small groups of investors, understandable projects


  • Contrary to syndicate mortgage investments, NCSF shields Investors from the risk of default by spreading the risk over many loans;
  • Investors in NCSF come first: they are protected by an unsubordinated security over all assets of the fund, always coming before managers and founders.

Overview of the fund (PDF)

If you are interested in investing, please consult your investment advisor.  If you do not have an investment advisor, we would be pleased to refer a selection of qualified and independent investment professionals in your region.  Send your request to: evanasse@northerncoast.ca.

(*) Redemption (or “exit”) option begins on the second anniversary of the investment. These securities do not trade on an exchange, and Northern Coast Strategic Fund Inc. is not a reporting issuer. There is no selling agent. There will be restrictions on selling the securities. For accredited investors in Ontario only. Investors should seek professional advice from certified advisors. See Subscription Agreement and Bond Indenture for complete information, both freely available upon request.

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