In a World where professional advice is reserved mostly for institutional and professional investors, Northern Coast believes that retail investors also deserve the same high level of help to safeguard their hard earned money. Acting on that belief, Northern Coast offers advice on a consulting basis in the fields of strategic sales consulting, risk management, and due diligence.

Furthermore, by offering special consulting services to companies and investors, Northern Coast creates a “win-win” environment for its own investors by offsetting internal overhead with revenue from external mandates: the end result is more disbursements to investors.

Strategic Sales Consulting

Northern Coast believes that the best (and cheapest) way to
finance a business is through its own sales.

Risk Management

Business plans always look good. Financial statements can be
“tweaked” to show the more favorable aspects of a business

Due Diligence

Keep honest people honest. Even the best managers get too
close to the bark sometimes.

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